Two and a half minutes of music to mark a tour that happened over a year ago, which I did not see or otherwise participate in. While I always feel like a fraud picking up such mementos it’s easy enough to overcome when the music’s this golden: a messy, boiling-over synthesis of ragged D-beat and agitated, left-of-centre Japanese influences with maybe just a dash of 90s ABC No Rio creeping in through the cracks. Opening track ‘The Beguiled’ is where it’s at, with huge looming chords and a wild guitar solo that feels like funnelling insects into your brain through a crudely-attached tube. ‘Mayday’ follows rapidly on its heels with an obnoxious thrash n’ crash that does exactly what it needs to do, leaving maximum carnage in very little time. As an early indicator of where things are headed it’s an excellent marker, and quite why I haven’t already picked up the follow-up EP on Desolate Records becomes more of a mystery the more I play these two songs.